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Special Semester on
Rigidity and Flexibility
February 26-May 17, 2024
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To participate in the Special Semester on Rigidity and Flexibility, registration is necessary.

Long term visitors

One of the features of the Special Semester is the presence of long term visitors: researchers that spend several weeks, or even some months, at RICAM so that they can attend more than one workshop and discuss and work beyond the dates of workshops with local researchers or other visitors.

  • short CV
  • for how long you would like to stay at RICAM;
  • to which workshops you wish to participate;
  • what research activities you wish to carry on at RICAM.

If you are a PhD student, please attach also a reference letter from your adviser.

For successful applications there is funding for accommodation and some limited funding for travel reimbursement available. In case you need some travel funding, please indicate the amount.

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The registration is free but mandatory.