Workshop 4: December 08-12, 2014

Optimal Transport in the Applied Sciences

Location: Science Park 2, 4th Floor, Room 416

Mon, December 8
14:30-15:20R. McCann
Academic wages, singularities, phase transitions and pyramid schemes
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 255KB)
15:20-15:50Coffee Break
15:50-16:40Q. Mérigot
Discretization of functionals involving the Monge-Ampère operator
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 697KB)
16:45-17:35L. Brasco
A widely degenerate elliptic equation arising in congested optimal transport
Tue, December 9
08:45-09:35A. Pratelli
The mass transport problem with relativistic cost functions
09:35-10:05Coffee Break
10:05-10:55G. Peyré
A Review of Wasserstein Barycenter Algorithms, with a New One
Presentation slides
11:00-11:50I. Kim
Evolution equations with congestion
14:00-14:50M. Beiglböck
Optimal Transport and Skorokhod Embedding
15:00-18:00Short communications and coffee break
Chen: Presentation slides (PDF-File, 351KB)
Di Marino
Mészáros: Presentation slides (PDF-File, 481KB)
Wed, December 10
08:45-09:35G. Buttazzo
Optimal regions for congested transport
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 627KB)
09:35-10:05Coffee Break
10:05-10:55C. Jimenez
Growing Sand Piles on a table with side-walls
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 411KB)
11:00-11:50B. Pass
Wasserstein barycenters over Riemannian manifolds
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 440KB)
19:00Conference Dinner @ JKU MENSA
Thu, December 11
08:45-09:35M.-T. Wolfram
On numerical simulations of nonlinear convection-aggregation equations by evolving diffeomorphisms
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 3MB)
09:35-10:05Coffee Break
10:05-10:55G. De Philippis
BV estimates in optimal transportation and applications
11:00-11:50W. Schachermayer
Optimal transport and stochastic portfolio theory
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 486KB)
14:00-14:50J. Venel
Differential inclusions and applications
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 289KB)
15:00-18:00Short communications and coffee break
Hatchi: Presentation slides (PDF-File, 246KB)
Fri, December 12
08:45-09:35Q. Xia
Some applications of ramified optimal transportation in economics
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 707KB)
09:35-10:05Coffee Break
10:05-10:55D. Matthes
Discretizing Nonlinear Diffusion the Lagrangian Way
11:00-11:50Y. Brenier
Reconstruction of the early universe via optimal transport
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 2.9MB)