RICAM Reports

A. Ebert, P. Kritzer, O. Osisiogu, T. Stepaniuk
Construction of good polynomial lattice rules in weighted Walsh spaces by an alternative component-by-component construction
Report No. 2021-04
L. Herrmann, J.A.A. Opschoor, C. Schwab
Constructive Deep ReLU Neural Network Approximation
Report No. 2021-03
R. Dougherty-Bliss, C. Koutschan, D. Zeilberger
Tweaking the Beukers Integrals In Search of More Miraculous Irrationality Proofs À La Apéry
Report No. 2021-02
C. Koutschan, I. Kotsireas
Legendre pairs of lengths $\ell\equiv0\,(\mathrm{mod}\;3)$
Report No. 2021-01