RICAM Reports

M. Žic, S. Pereverzyev Jr.
Adaptive multi-parameter regularization in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Report No. 2018-16
R. Ramlau, L. Reichel
Error Estimates for Arnoldi–Tikhonov Regularization for Ill-Posed Operator Equations
Report No. 2018-15
Y. Abdelaziz, S. Boukraa, C. Koutschan, J-M. Maillard
Diagonals of rational functions, pullbacked 2F1 hypergeometric functions and modular forms
Report No. 2018-14
M. Makhul
A family of four-variable expanders with quadratic growth
Report No. 2018-13
M.E. Alonso, F.J. Castro-Jiménez, H. Hauser, C. Koutschan
Echelons of power series and Gabrielov’s counterexample to nested linear Artin Approximation
Report No. 2018-12
F. Scholz, A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler
First order error correction for trimmed quadrature in isogeometric analysis
Report No. 2018-11
C. Hofer, S. Takacs
A parallel multigrid solver for multi-patch Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2018-10
A. Ebert, P. Kritzer
Constructing lattice points for numerical integration by a reduced fast successive coordinate search algorithm
Report No. 2018-09
B. Endtmayer, U. Langer, T. Wick
Multigoal-Oriented Error Estimates for Non-linear Problems
Report No. 2018-08
N.T. Vo, S. Falkensteiner, Y. Zhang
Formal Power Series Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
Report No. 2018-07
T. Guo, C. Krattenthaler, Y. Zhang
On (shape-)Wilf-equivalence for words
Report No. 2018-06
J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier, O. Scherzer
Critical yield numbers and limiting yield surfaces of particle arrays settling in a Bingham fluid
Report No. 2018-05
C. Kirisits, O. Scherzer
A range condition for polyconvex variational regularization
Report No. 2018-04
J. Sogn, S. Takacs
Robust multigrid solvers for the biharmonic problem in isogeometric analysis
Report No. 2018-03
R. Haller-Dintelmann, W. Wollner, H. Meinlschmidt
Higher regularity for solutions to elliptic systems in divergence form subject to mixed boundary conditions
Report No. 2018-02
D. Jodlbauer, U. Langer, T. Wick
Parallel Block-Preconditioned Monolithic Solvers for Fluid-Structure-Interaction Problems
Report No. 2018-01