Special Radon Semester on Computational Mechanics
Linz, October-December 2005
Thematic Structure

The Special Semesters at RICAM focused on new mathematical and methodological challenges that appear recently in Computational Mechanics.

Novel Discretization and Solver Techniques in Mechanics

The efficient solution of large-scale direct field problems requires novel adaptive discretization and solver techniques. We organized tutorials, lectures, workshops and panel discussions for young researchers, in particular PhD students and young postdocs, on the following new computational methods with different applications to solid and fluid mechanical problems including coupled field problems (Fluid-Structure Interaction, Magneto-mechanics, Piezo-electrics), Biomechanics etc.:

Inverse, Control, and Optimization Problems in Mechanics

Challenging Problems in Mechanics

We invited scientists who presented new challenging models and problems in Mechanics and gave introductory lectures.

Talks with the emphasis on problems which require the development of new or significantly enhanced computational techniques were presented at the Challenges Day.

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