Workshop 4: December 08-12, 2014

Optimal Transport in the Applied Sciences


Main topics

This workshop will also focus on its applications and connections with applied sciences, and will gather world-leading experts, as well as young researchers, actively working in modeling, PDEs, numerical methods, with an emphasis on the applications to economics, social sciences, biology, physics, image processing and many others.

List of speakers

  • M. Beiglböck (Wien)
  • L. Brasco (Marseille)
  • Y. Brenier (Polytechnique)
  • G. Buttazzo (Pisa)
  • G. De Philippis (Zürich)
  • C. Jimenez (Brest)
  • I. Kim (UCLA)
  • D. Matthes (T.U. München)
  • R. McCann (Toronto)
  • Q. Mérigot (Paris-Dauphine)
  • B. Pass (Alberta)
  • G. Peyré (Paris-Dauphine)
  • A. Pratelli (Erlangen)
  • W. Schachermayer (Wien)
  • J. Venel (Valenciennes)
  • M.-T. Wolfram (RICAM)
  • Q. Xia (Davis)


Group photos