Workshop 2: October 27-31, 2014

Variational methods in imaging

Location: Science Park 2, 4th Floor, Room 416

Mon, October 27
14:00-14:45Guy Gilboa (Technion)
A spectral variational approach for image analysis
14:45-15:30Massimo Fornasier (RICAM)
Rotation Invariance in Exemplar-based Image Inpainting
16:15-17:00Gabriele Steidl (Kaiserslautern)
Second Order Differences of Cyclic Data and Applications in Variational Denoising
17:00-19:00Poster Session #1 & Welcome Reception
Tue, October 28
09:00-09:45Peter Michor (Wien)
Overview on Convenient Calculus and Differential Geometry in Infinite dimensions, with Applications to Diffeomorphism Groups and Shape Spaces
09:45-10:30Sarang Joshi (Utah)
Analyzing the Changing Anatomy
11:15-12:00Jalal Fadili (Caen)
Stable Recovery with Partly Smooth functions
14:00-14:45Mila Nikolova (ENS de Cachan)
Relationship between the optimal solutions of least squares regularized with l0-norm and constrained by k-sparsity
14:45-15:30Martin Burger (Münster)
Variational Methods for 4D Motion Sequences
16:15-17:00Antonin Chambolle (Ecole Polytechnique)
Convergence rates for primal-dual algorithms
Wed, October 29
09:00-09:45Alain Trouvé (ENS de Cachan)
A Shape Space Point of View on Functional Shapes
09:45-10:30Martin Rumpf (Bonn)
11:15-12:00Anuj Srivastava (Florida State University)
Metric-Based Registration and Analysis of Objects (Curves, Surfaces, and Images)
14:25Excursion to VOESTAlpine, meeting point at parking area of Science Park Excursion
Thu, October 30
09:00-09:45Michael Hintermüller (Berlin)
A bilevel optimization based parameter choice rule in total variation based image restoration
09:45-10:30Kristian Bredies (Graz)
Preconditioned Douglas-Rachford algorithms for the solution of variational imaging problems
11:15-12:00Daniel Cremers (Munich)
Convex Relaxation Techniques for Functions with Values in a Riemannian Manifold
14:00-14:45Ron Kimmel (Technion)
The geometric structure of shapes and images
14:45-15:30Martin Bauer (Wien)
Infinite dimensional Riemannian Geometry with applications to Shape analysis
16:15-17:00Carola Schoenlieb (Cambridge)
Learning the optimal higher-order regularisation
17:00-19:00Poster Session #2
19:00Conference Dinner
Fri, October 31
09:00-09:45Thomas Pock (Graz)
An Inertial Forward-Backward Algorithm for Solving Monotone Inclusions
09:45-10:30Emilie Chouzenoux (Paris-Est)
A stochastic 3MG algorithm with application to 2D estimation problems
11:15-12:00Joachim Weickert (Saarland)
A Theory for Space-Discrete and Fully Discrete Diffusion that Permits Negative Diffusivities