Workshop 1: October 13-17, 2014

Shape and topological optimization

Location: Science Park 2, 4th Floor, Room 416

Mon, October 13
09:00-09:45Giuseppe Buttazzo
Dirichlet-Neumann shape optimization problems
10:00-10:45Pedro Freitas
Sharp inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplace operator with Robin boundary conditions
11:15-12:00Elie Bretin
On phase field approximations of Willmore Flow
13:30-15:30Discussion time
15:30-16:15Simon Masnou
A new phase field model for the approximation of interfacial energies of multiphase systems
16:30–17:15Harald Garcke
Phase Field Approaches for Shape and Topology Optimization
17:30–18:00Andres Leon Baldelli
Quasi-periodic fracture patterns in thin films under homogeneous loads
Tue, October 14
09:00-09:45Gregoire Allaire
A a linearized approach to worst-case design in shape optimization
10:00-10:45Anca-Maria Toader
The Adjoint Method in Optimization of Eigenvalues and Eigenmodes
11:15-12:00Benedikt Wirth
Optimal fine-scale structures in composite materials
13:30-15:30Discussion time
15:30-16:00Yannick Privat
Optimal shape and location of actuators or sensors in PDE models
16:10–16:50Blanche Buet
Discrete vanifolds and regularization of the generalized curvature
17:10–17:40Charles Dapogny
A level-set based mesh evolution method for shape optimization
19:30Conference Dinner
Wed, October 15
09:00-09:45Dorin Bucur
Shape optimization with Robin boundary conditions
10:00-10:45Antoine Henrot
Elastic energy, total mean curvature and isoperimetric inequalities
11:15-12:00Soeren Bartels
Numerical solution of bilayer bending problems
13:30-15:00Fast Forward Session
15:00Start of the excursion
16:00Guided tour "Höhenrausch"
Thu, October 16
09:00-09:45Ilaria Fragalà
Geometric issues in PDE problems at infinity
10:00-10:45Helmut Harbrecht
On parametric shape optimization
11:15-12:00Michael Hintermüller
Shape and Topological Sensitivity Based Methods in Tomographic Reconstruction and Image Segmentation
13:30-15:30Discussion time
15:30-16:00Bozhidar Velichkov
Lipschitz continuity of eigenfunctions on optimal sets
16:10–16:50Michaeilidis Georgios
Comparison of formulations and strategies for thickness control in shape and topology optimization via a level-set method
17:10–17:40David Vicente
Anisotropic Energy for detection of thin tubes and its Γ-convergence approximation
17:50–18:20Victor Kovtunenko
Object identification based on optimality conditions. Helmholtz problem
Fri, October 17
09:00-09:45François Jouve
Recent Advances in Shape and Topology Optimization via the Level Set Method in an Industrial Context
10:00-10:45Eric Bonnetier
Evolution laws for some models of materials combining plasticity and fracture