Workshop 1: October 13-17, 2014

Shape and topological optimization


Main topics

The optimization of geometry and topology of shapes with applications in engineering and geometry processing requires the combination of a variety of mathematical tools among them different implicit shape representations, relaxation theory, homogenization, duality techniques, and optimal transportation methods. The workshop will bring together experts on geometry, regularity theory, structural mechanics, numerical analysis, and optimization to discuss recent trends, identify synergies between different disciplines, and explore new directions.

List of speakers

  • Gregoire Allaire (Paris)
  • Andrés León Baldelli (Oxford)
  • Soeren Bartels (Freiburg)
  • Eric Bonnetier (Grenoble)
  • Elie Bretin (Lyon)
  • Dorin Bucur (Chambery, France)
  • Blanche Buet (Lyon)
  • Giuseppe Buttazzo (Pisa)
  • Charles Dapogny (Rutgers)
  • Ilaria Fragala (Milan)
  • Pedro Freitas (Lisbon)
  • Harald Garcke (Regensburg)
  • Helmut Harbrecht (Basel)
  • Antoine Henrot (Nancy)
  • Michael Hintermüller (Berlin)
  • Francois Jouve (Paris)
  • Victor Kovtunenko (Graz)
  • Simon Masnou (Lyon)
  • Georgios Michailidis (Paris)
  • Yannick Privat (Paris)
  • Michael Stingl (Erlangen)
  • Anca-Maria Toader (Lisboa)
  • Bozhidar Velichkov (Pisa)
  • David Vicente (Orléans)
  • Benedikt Wirth (Münster)

Book of Abstracts

Download the Book of Abstracts (PDF-File, 1.5MB).