Workshop 3: November 25-29, 2013

Computer algebra and polynomials


  • Jaime Gutierrez, University of Cantabria, Spain (Chair)
  • Josef Schicho, Johann Radon Institute, Austria
  • Martin Weimann, University of Caen, France

Main topics

This workshop will focus on the theory and algorithms for polynomials over various coefficient domains. The domain may be, but is not restricted to, a commutative algebra, such as a finite field or ring. The operations on polynomials in the focus are factorisation, composition and decomposition, basis computation for modules etc. Algorithms for such operations on polynomials have always been a central interest in computer algebra, as it combines formal (the variables) and algebraic or numeric (the coeffients) aspects.
The plan is to bring together a mix of experts for the various coefficient domains in order to explore similarities as well as differences. Also experts for applications of manipulation of polynomials should be invited, such as polynomial system solving or the analysis of algebraic varieties. This is a common goal with Workshop 2, where algebraic curve over finite fields are the topic of interest. There is also a common interest with Workshop 4, because the theory of finite fields is closely related with the theory of polynomials over them.



List of speakers