Special Semester on
Applications of Algebra and Number Theory

to be held at the
Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)
Linz, October 14 - December 13, 2013


Program Committee

  • Jaime Gutierrez, University of Cantabria, Spain
  • Peter Kritzer, Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • Alina Ostafe, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Friedrich Pillichshammer, Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • Igor Shparlinski, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Henning Stichtenoth, Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey
  • Martin Weimann, University of Caen, France


Algebra and number theory have always been counted among the most beautiful mathematical areas with deep proofs and elegant results. However, for a long time they were not considered that important in view of the lack of real-life applications. This has dramatically changed with the appearance of new topics such as modern cryptography, coding theory, and wireless communication. Computational and applied mathematics depending on deep algebraic and number theoretic methods have become crucial for these and other topics of extremely high current interest. Nowadays we find applications of algebra and number theory frequently in our daily life. We mention security and error detection for internet banking, check digit systems as the bar code on products in a supermarket, GPS and radar, pricing options at a stock market, and eliminating noise for mobile phones as examples.


Workshop 1: Uniform distribution and quasi-Monte Carlo methods,
October 14-18, 2013,
Chair: Friedrich Pillichshammer, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Links: Abstracts [pdf], Timetable [pdf], Group photo [jpg, 4.2MB]

Workshop 2: Algebraic curves over finite fields,
November 11-15, 2013,
Chair: Henning Stichtenoth, Sabanci University, Turkey

Links: Abstracts [pdf], Timetable [pdf], Group photo 1 [jpg, 4.4MB], Group photo 2 [jpg, 4.5MB]

Workshop 3: Computer algebra and polynomials,
November 25-29, 2013,
Chair: Jaime Gutierrez, University of Cantabria, Spain

Links: Abstracts, Timetable [pdf], Group photo 1 [jpg, 4.2MB], Group photo 2 [jpg, 4.1MB]

Workshop 4: Emerging applications of finite fields,
December 09-13, 2013,
Chair: Igor Shparlinski, Macquarie University, Australia

Links: Abstracts [pdf], Timetable [pdf], Group photo 1 [jpg, 4.3MB], Group photo 2 [jpg, 4.3MB]

Tutorials and Special Lectures

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