Workshop 2: October 24-28, 2011

Large-Scale Inverse Problems and Applications in the Earth Sciences

Location: Science Park 2, 4th Floor, Room 416

Mon, October 24
08:30-09:10 Registration
09:10-09:20 Opening
09:20-10:10 Olaf Cirpka
Geostatistical Approaches for Inverse Modeling in Subsurface Hydrology
10:10-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:30 Mike Cullen
4dVar in the presence of model error
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 437KB)
11:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:50 Amos Lawless
Optimal state estimation for numerical weather prediction using reduced order models
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 1.3MB)
14:50-15:20 Coffee
15:20-16:10 Tim Payne
The Construction and Use of Linear Models in Large-scale Data Assimilation
Presentation slides (PPT-File, 14MB)
16:10-17:00 Melina Freitag
Resolution of sharp fronts in the presence of model error in variational data assimilation
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 2.6MB)
17:00 Poster Session
Tue, October 25
08:30-09:20 Stefan Kindermann
Inverse Problems and Regularization - an Introduction
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 343KB)
09:20-10:10 Michael Fisher
Parallel Algorithms for Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 481KB)
10:10-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:30 Serge Gratton
Dual methods for data assimilation in Geosciences
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 930KB)
11:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:50 Uri Ascher
Adaptive and stochastic algorithms for piecewise constant EIT and DC resistivity problems with many measurements
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 1.1MB)
14:50-15:20 Coffee
15:20-16:10 Antonio Leitao
On iterative regularization methods for nonlinear inverse problems
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 253KB)
Wed, October 26 (national holiday)
08:30-09:20 Tapio Helin
On the Bayesian approach to inverse problems
09:20-10:10 Masoumeh Dashti
Besov Priors for Bayesian Inverse problems
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 207KB)
10:10-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:30 Barbara Kaltenbacher
Adaptive discretization strategies for the identification of distributed parameters in partial differential equations
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 1.7MB)
12:00 Excursion
19:00 Conference Dinner
Thu, October 27
08:30-09:20 Sebastian Reich
Ensemble transform filters for geophysical data assimilation
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 1.5MB)
09:20-10:10 Martin Burger
4D Variational Models preserving Sharp Edges
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 2.1MB)
10:10-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:30 Nancy Nichols
Conditioning, Preconditioning and Regularization of the Optimal State Estimation Problem
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 935KB)
11:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:50 Eldad Haber
Numerical methods for the design of large-scale nonlinear discrete ill-posed inverse problems
14:50-15:20 Coffee
15:20-16:10 Roland Potthast
On Instability in Data Assimilation
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 2.5MB)
17:15-18:30 Public Lecture (Hörsaal 10 der Johannes Kepler Universität)
Tsunami Früh-Warnung: Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen im Dienste der Sicherheit
18:30 Reception
Fri, October 28
08:30-09:20 Anthony Weaver
Background-error correlation modelling in variational assimilation using a diffusion equation
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 2.4MB)
09:20-10:10 Daniel Wachsmuth
Regularization error estimates and discrepancy principle for optimal control problems with inequality constraints
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 144KB)
10:10-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:30 Olivier Talagrand
Assimilation of Observations and Bayesianity
Presentation slides (PDF-File, 727KB)
11:30 Closing