Wednesday Research Kitchen

The "Research Kitchens" are intended as a forum for informal discussions and interactions between the special semester guests and the RICAM people. Individuals or groups of people can suggest talks or discussion topics and everybody is welcome to take part. Talks should have an informal flavour and include some open questions and points of discussion. For a stimulating environment we will provide coffee and cakes.

Proposed Topics
Wed, Oct 12 15:30-17:00 "Preconditioning elasticity problems with discontinuous material properties" (I. Georgiev)
Fri, Oct 21 10:30-12:00 "Optimal Choice of Regularization Parameters" (M. Cullen)
Mon, Oct 31 13:45-15:15 "Sparse a priori stable space-time Galerkin discretization of parabolic equations" (R. Andreev)
Wed, Nov 2 15:30-17:00 "Trefftz's methods and links to multiscale methods" (U. Langer) and
"Non-standard finite element methods based on boundary integral operators" (C. Hofreither)
Wed, Nov 9 15:30-17:00 "Additive Schur complement approximation and application to multilevel preconditioning" (J. Kraus)
Wed, Nov 16 15:30-17:00 PhD-Student "Speed Dating"
Wed, Nov 30 15:30-17:00 "Coarse Spaces for Multiscale Problems" (C. Pechstein)
Wed, Dec 7 15:30-17:00 "Approximation Theory for Multiscale Discretisation Techniques Outside the Homogenisation Framework" (I.G. Graham)

The discussions may be continued after the session over a beer and a pizza in Pizzeria "Bella Casa" (at the tram stop).