Special Lecture Series on "Multilevel Methods for Multiscale Problems"

7 blocks (a 2 x 90 minutes) in the weeks without workshops.

Location: Science Park 2, 4th Floor, Room 416

Wednesday's lecture is followed by Coffee and Research Kitchen (where anybody can present a talk or suggest a discussion topic and/or where people can just informally discuss/interact).

Proposed Schedule/Topics
Mon, Oct 10 10:15-11:45 L. Zikatanov
Introduction to subspace correction methods/theory
Wed, Oct 12 13:45-15:15
Tue, Oct 18 10:15-11:45 J. Nordbotten
Numerical multiscale methods and domain decomposition
Wed, Oct 19 13:45-15:15
Mon, Oct 31 10:15-11:45 M. Sarkis
Domain decomposition methods for discontinuous coefficients
Wed, Nov 2 13:45-15:15
Wed, Nov 9 10:15-11:45
R. Scheichl
Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty quantification
Paper (PDF-File, 400KB), Paper (PDF-File, 1.1MB)
Mon, Nov 14 10:15-11:45 I. Livshits
Multilevel Solvers for high-frequency Helmholtz problems
Wed, Nov 16 13:45-15:15
Mon, Nov 28 10:15-11:45 V. Ha Hoang
High dimensional FE for multiple scale problems
Paper (PDF-File, 298KB),
Wed, Nov 30 13:45-15:15
Mon, Dec 5 canceled A. Brandt
Algebraic multigrid, general homogenization and systematic upscaling
Wed, Dec 7 13:45-15:15 Christian Ketelsen & Yao Chen
Novel Algebraic Multilevel Approaches and Applications
Abstract Ketelsen (PDF-File, 85KB), Abstract Chen (PDF-File, 77KB)