Externally Funded Project

Pseudorandomness and cryptography: Number theoretic methods

FWF Project P 31762
Runtime: 01.01.2019-31.08.2022

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Project Abstract

During the last century, number theoretical problems arose in many applications, such as cryptography, communication systems or numerical methods. For example, number theory plays a central role for public key encryption as well as for their security analysis, for symmetric key encryption (for example design of stream ciphers or block ciphers), for wireless communications (for example code division multiple access) or for quasi Monte Carlo methods.
This project is devoted to the study of pseudorandom number generators, applications of elliptic curves, and highly nonlinear Boolean and vectorial Boolean functions.
We use a collection of different methods from number theory and their combinations including


The preprints of all publications are avaible via arXiv.org: https://arxiv.org/search/?searchtype=author&query=Mérai,+L.

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