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Dr. Sergiy Pereverzyev jun.

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Kriukova, Galyna; Pereverzyev, Sergiy, Jr.; Tkachenko, Pavlo (2017) Nystrom type subsampling analyzed as a regularized projection. Inverse Probl., Bd. 33 (7), S. ARTN 074001.
  • Galyna Kriukova, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr and Pavlo Tkachenko (2017) Nyström type subsampling analyzed as a regularized projection. Inverse problems, Bd. 33 (7), S. 074001 <''>. (link)

Contribution in Collection
  • Anderssen, R. S.; Edwards, M. P.; Jr, Sergiy Pereverzyev (2012, online: 2012) Modelling the positioning of trichomes on the leaves of plants. In: Alexandra V. Antoniouk, Roderick V. N. Melnik (Hrsg.), Mathematics and Life Sciences: De Gruyter, S. 215-228 .
  • Lu, S.; Jr., S. Pereverzyev; Sampath, S. (2012, online: 2012) Multi-parameter regularization for construction of extrapolating estimators in statistical learning theory. In: Xiaoping Shen, Ahmed I. Zayed (Hrsg.), Multiscale Signal Analysis and Modeling: Springer, S. 347-366.

Research Report
  • S. Pereverzyev Jr., R. Pinnau, N. Siedow (2007) Approximate solution of nonlinear inverse problems by fixed-point iteration. Bericht-Nr. 38; Linz. (link)