Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell


Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)
July 10–14, 2017

Summer School: July 10th-July 12th


  • P. Beard (UCL, London)
  • E. Bonnetier (University Grenoble)
  • B. Cox (UCL, London)
  • H. Haddar (INRIA, Paris)
  • R. Leitgeb
  • P. Monk (Delaware, USA)

Workshop: July 13th-14th

This interdisciplinary workshop brings together scientists from Physics, Medical Physics and Mathematics, which are developing models, methods and experiments for Coupled Physics Imaging (CPI). These tomographic techniques use different physical fields for illumination and probing. The prime example in this field is Photoacoustics, which uses (typically) pulsed infrared light for illumination and measures the ultrasonic response of the material. The techniques for modeling the illumination process is typically done with simplified models of Maxwell's equation, the discovery of the possibility of sound waves into electromagnetic waves and vice verse is associated with Alexander Graham Bell. This effect is of inherent use in telecommunication technology. Last but not least, the reconstruction of the imaging parameter of CPI is performed by solving Inverse Problems for the wave equation, which is realized by generalized Radon transform. In this workshop we bring together scientists from these areas to interact on all aspects of CPI.


  • M. Bergounioux (Orleans, France)
  • U. Langer (RICAM)
  • O. Scherzer (RICAM)


  • A. Weihs (RICAM)

Scientific Committee

  • G. Bal (Columbia, USA)
  • P. Beard (UCL, UK)
  • A. Litman (Fresnel, France)
  • L. Mindrinos (Vienna, Austria)

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • G. Alberti (University of Genoa, Italy)
  • S. Arridge (UCL, UK)
  • A. Da Silva (Fresnel, France)
  • P. Elbau (Vienna, Austria)
  • P. Kuchment (Texas A&M, USA)
  • P. Monk (Delaware, USA)
  • K. Ren (Austin, USA)
  • T. Tarvainen (University of Eastern Finland)