Workshop on Function Approximation

The aim of the workshop is to intensify the cooperation between the research groups of RICAM and the departments of JKU Linz which are working in the area of function approximation.

The workshop will take place from December 1st to December 2nd, 2016, at RICAM.


  • The program (including the abstracts of the talks) can be found here: program book
  • The workshop will start on December 1st at 9:00am and will end on December 2nd at noon.
  • The workshop take place in SP2 416-2 (Science Park 2, 4th floor).
  • The workshop includes two introductory lectures on “Spline Approximation” (S. Takacs & T. Takacs) and “Multivariate Approximation” (C. Irrgeher & P. Kritzer).
  • There will be 8 invited talks on recent developments in the field of approximation theory:
    • B. Eichinger (JKU Linz)
    • C. Hofreither (JKU Linz)
    • B. Jüttler (JKU Linz)
    • A. Mantzaflaris (RICAM)
    • M. Passenbrunner (JKU Linz)
    • S. Pereverzyev (RICAM)
    • F. Pillichshammer (JKU Linz)
    • G. Wasilkowski (University of Kentucky)

The slides of the lectures and the talks can be found here: slides

Organizing committee

List of participants

  • B. Eichinger
  • N. Engleitner
  • I. Georgieva
  • G. Grassegger
  • M. Haberleitner
  • D. Hackmann
  • M. Hauer
  • A. Hinrichs
  • C. Hofreither
  • C. Irrgeher
  • B. Jüttler
  • P. Kritzer
  • R. Kritzinger
  • H. Laimer
  • G. Leobacher
  • N. Lubbes
  • A. Mantzaflaris
  • D. Mokris
  • S. Moore
  • M. Neumüller
  • O. Roche-Newton
  • M. Passenbrunner
  • S. Pereverzev
  • F. Pillichshammer
  • I. Pirsic
  • F. Puchhammer
  • K. Riegler
  • S. Sajavicius
  • J. Schicho
  • F. Scholz
  • S. Takacs
  • T. Takacs
  • P. Tkachenko
  • I. Toulopoulos
  • G. Wasilkowski
  • B. Weiss
  • P. Yuditskii

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