Workshop 10 Years Radon Institute (RICAM)
of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 14:00
University of Linz, Science Park II, 4th floor, room 416
14:00 Welcoming and brief review of 10 years RICAM presented by the Founding Director and RICAM Director
14:10 Highlights at RICAM
Prof. Ramlau (RICAM & Johannes Kepler Universität Linz) - “Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
Prof. Schicho (RICAM) - “Symbolic Computation in Motion
Prof. Pereverzyev (RICAM) - “New Mathematical Tools developed in RICAM for Diabetes Technology
Prof. Schmeiser (RICAM & Universität Wien) - “Cytoskeleton dynamics
Dr. Emans (RICAM & IMCC/MathConsult) - “Innovative Solver Algorithms for Industrial Fluid Flow Simulators
16:15 Break
16:30 Talks of successful former RICAM employees
Prof. Albrecher (UNIL Lausanne) - “Symbolic Methods in Insurance Applications
Prof. Fornasier (RICAM & Technische Universität München) - “Sparse Stabilization and Optimal Control in Consensus Emergence
Prof. Herzog (Technische Universität Chemnitz) - “On Optimal Control Problems with Sparsity Constraints(cancelled due to illness)
Prof. Rösch (Universität Duisburg-Essen) - “Solved and unsolved problems in the discretization of optimal control problems(cancelled due to illness)
Prof. Schöberl (Technische Universität Wien) - “Structure Preserving Finite Element Methods
18:35 End of the Workshop