Program: Poster Session 2 (Methods)

Thu, October 6

15:15-15:50: Posters fast-forward presentation (2 minutes presentations)
15:50-16:40: Presentation of Posters & Coffee Break

Accepted poster presentations

Nicodemus Banagaaya
Modified Block-Diagonal Structured Model Order Reduction for Electro-Thermal Problems in Industrial Electronics Simulations

Marco Coco
Heat effects in graphene due to charge transport

Ana Drandić
Computation of electric field in transformers by boundary element method and fast multipole method

Armin Fohler
Adaptive Meshrefinement for Rotating Electrical Machines taking Boundary Approximation Errors into Account

Peter Gangl
An Efficient Optimization Tool for the Design of Electric Motors

Qingzhe Liu
Numerical methods for derivative based global sensitivity measures in high dimensions

Sangye Lungten
Fill-reducing reordering of saddle-point matrices for block LD-1LT factorization

Jan Philipp Pade and Caren Tischendorf
The dynamical impact of structural perturbations in electrical circuits

M. Pineiro
Numerical Simulation of Magnetization and Demagnetization Processes

Ruth V. Sabariego
Time-domain reduced-order modelling of linear finite-element eddy-current problems via RL-ladder circuits

Markus Schöbinger
Error Estimation for MSFEM for elliptic problems in 2D

Jan ter Maten
Fitting Generalized Gaussian Distributions for Process Capability Index