Program: Poster Session 1 (Applications)

Tue, October 4

15:15-15:50: Posters fast-forward presentation (2 minutes presentations)
15:50-16:40: Presentation of Posters & Coffee Break

Accepted poster presentations

Muhamet Alija
A New Charge Simulation Approach for Dielectric Design of High Voltage Switchgear

Kai Bittner
Coupled circuit device simulation

Andreas Blaszczyk
Virtual High Voltage Lab

Gerd Bramerdorfer, Peter Gangl, and Armin Fohler
Topology optimization of synchronous reluctance motors for achieving maximum torque capability

Gabriela Ciuprina
Compact Reduced Order Multiphysics Models for Electrostatic Actuated MEMS Switches

Nhung T.K Dang
Solution of linear systems for electronic circuits with large numbers of parasitics capacitances

Viktoria Gaidar
Automatic epilepsy seizure detection using wavelet transform

Tomas Gotthans
Different DC fusing scenarios of encapsulated bonding wires

Jonas Pade and Caren Tischendorf
Convergence of a Waveform Relaxation Method for Index-2 DAEs of Electromagnetic Field/Circuit Simulation

Theresa Roland
Simulation of the EMG for evaluation of capacitive sensors

Christian Strohm
Holistic Transient Coupled Field and Circuit Simulation

Duy T. Truong
The cell contractility model and the cell adhesion model: Reducing the complexity and preparing the coupling to electrical forces

Ursula van Rienen
Preliminary numerical study on electrical stimulation at alloplastic reconstruction plates of the mandible

Wei Wu
Thermal modeling of liquid-filled transformer radiators using network approach