MS 17: Inverse problems for Radiative Transfer Equation and Broken Ray Approximation

Fri, 31 March, 2017, 13:30–15:30, Room: SP2 416


Linh Nguyen and Markus Haltmeier


The radiative transfer equation and the broken ray Radon transform are mathematical models for photon transport. The broken ray transform may arise from an approximation of the radiative transfer equation in low scattering regime. Like the X-ray (Radon) transform, these two areas are rich sources of inverse problems and the foundation of several important imaging methods. The radiative transfer equation has been intensively studied in optical tomography and, more recently, quantitative photoacoustic tomography. The broken ray transform arises in single-scattering optical tomography, emission tomography using Compton cameras, and Compton scattering tomography. It also appears in partial data Calderon problem. Several inverse problems arise in these topics and their solutions are both related and diverse.
This mini-symposium will gather several interesting talks across all aforementioned applications. We hope that it will provide a panoramic view in the related topics and inspires more discoveries on their connections.

List of speakers

Herbert Egger
A scatter correction algorithm for computerized tomography in semi-transparent media
Jonas Ilmavirta
Pestov identities for generalized X-ray transforms
Vadim Markel
Broken-ray transform and its generalizations
Francois Monard
Attenuated tensor tomography applied to the source reconstruction problem in transport
Mai K. Nguyen
V-line and Cone Radon transforms: overview and application to cultural heritage object imaging
Lukas Neumann
Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography in the Transport Regime