MS 10: Vector and tensor tomography: advances in theory and applications

Tue, 28 March, 2017, 16:30–18:30, Room: SP2 416


Thomas Schuster


Vector (tensor) field tomography means to recover a vector (tensor) field from integral data. In its simplest form these data are line integrals of the vector (tensor) field probed by the vector of direction of the line. In more general settings the integrals are with respect to geodesic curves of a given Riemannian metric. Vector and tensor tomography have wealth of applications ranging from medical imaging, oceanography, plasma physics, electron microscopy to polarization tomography. A lot of theoretical and numerical results are known for the Euclidean and simple metrics. Nowadays even more complex metrics are considered. This minisymposium brings together leading experts in vector and tensor tomography to report on recent advances in this area with respect to both, theory and applications.

List of speakers

Sergej Kazantsev
Radon transform of vector fields and applications to partial differential equations
Alexandra Koulouri
Towards the reconstruction of focal electrical brain activity with the help of vector tomography
Mikko Salo
Tensor tomography on Riemannian manifolds
Alexandru C. Tamasan
On the application of a Hilbert transform to tensor tomography