DD17 Strobl

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Achdou, Yves  (France) Contributed Talk
Adams, Mark  (USA)Plenary Lecture, Algebraic multigrid methods for mechanical engineering applications (pdf, 42.3 MB)
Adolph, Torsten  (Germany)Contributed Talk, Automatic Domain Decomposition for a Black-Box PDE Solver (pdf, 548 KB)
Ainsworth, Mark  (United Kingdom)Plenary Lecture
Andjelic, Zoran  (Switzerland)Plenary Lecture
Andrä, Heiko  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk, Application of Domain Decomposition Methods in Micromechanics (pdf, 3.3 MB)
Ayuso, Blanca  (Italy)Minisymposium Talk
Badea, Lori  (Romania) Contributed Talk
Bal, Guillaume  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Berninger, Heiko  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Bertoluzza, Silvia  (Italy)Contributed Talk
Beuchler, Sven  (Austria) 
Bjørstad, Petter  (Norway)Minisymposium Talk
Bouchala, Jiri  (Czech Republic)Minisymposium Talk
Brenner, Susanne  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Conceicao, Duilio  (Brazil) Minisymposium Talk
Copeland, Dylan  (Austria) 
Discacciati, Marco  (Austria) Minisymposium Talk
Dohrmann, Clark  (USA)Minisymposium Talk, Algebraic Coarse Spaces for Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioners (pdf, 1.2 MB)
Dolean, Victorita  (France)Contributed Talk
Minisymposium Talk
Contributed Talk
Dostal, Zdenek  (Czech Republic)Minisymposium Talk
Doucet, Cédric  (France)Contributed Talk
Dryja, Maksymilian  (Poland)Minisymposium Talk
Dubois, Olivier  (Canada)Minisymposium Talk, Optimized Schwarz methods for problems with discontinuous coefficients (pdf, 736 KB)
Efendiev, Yalchin  (USA) Minisymposium Talk
Eibner, Tino  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Ewing, Richard  (USA)Minisymposium Talk, Domain Decomposition Techniques for Treating Multiscale Properties in Reservoir Engineering Applications (pdf, 3.6 MB)
Falletta, Silvia  (Italy) Contributed Talk
Flemisch, Bernd  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Forster, Ralf  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Frullone, Andrea  (France)Contributed Talk, Non Uniform Discrete Fourier Transform for adaptive acceleration of the Aitken-Schwarz DDM (pdf, 758 KB)
Galvis, Juan  (Brazil)  
Gander, Martin  (Switzerland)Plenary Lecture, Time Domain Decomposition Methods (pdf, 4.7 MB)
Garbey, Marc  (USA)Contributed Talk
Contributed Talk
Geiser, Juergen  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk, Time-Decomposition Methods for Parabolic Problems : Convergence results of Iterative Splitting methods (pdf, 394 KB)
Minisymposium Talk, Time- and Space-Decomposition Methods for Parabolic Problems and Applications in Multiphysics Problems. (pdf, 190 KB)
Genseberger, Menno  (The Netherlands)Poster Presentation
Gerardo-Giorda, Luca  (Italy)Contributed Talk
Giraud, Luc  (France)Minisymposium Talk
Glowinski, Roland  (USA) 
Gopalakrishnan, Jay  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Minisymposium Talk
Gorman, Gerard  (United Kingdom)Contributed Talk
Graham, Ivan  (United Kingdom)Minisymposium Talk
Gräser, Carsten  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Gruber, Peter  (Austria) 
Guibert, David  (France)Contributed Talk
Haase, Gundolf  (Austria) Contributed Talk, A User Friendly Toolbox for Parallel PDE-Solvers (pdf, 619 KB)
Haidar, Azzam  (France) 
Halpern, Laurence  (France)Plenary Lecture, Schwarz waveform relaxation algorithms : theory and applications (pdf, 3.1 MB)
Haynes, Ronald  (Canada)Minisymposium Talk
Heinkenschloss, Matthias  (USA)Plenary Lecture
Heinrich, Bernd  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Hiptmair, Ralf  (Switzerland)Minisymposium Talk
Minisymposium Talk
Hoppe, Ronald  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Hu, Qiya  (P. R. China)Minisymposium Talk
Hubert, Florence  (France)Contributed Talk, Finite volume method for linear and non linear elliptic problems with discontinuities (pdf, 410 KB)
Iliev, Oleg  (Germany) Minisymposium Talk
Israeli, Moshe  (Israel)Poster Presentation
Japhet, Caroline  (France) Minisymposium Talk
Kako, Takashi  (Japan) Contributed Talk
Kaltenbacher, Manfred  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Kasbah, Safaa  (Lebanon)Poster Presentation, Hardware Implementation of the Multigrid Algorithm (pdf, 80 KB)
Kawarada, Hideo  (Japan) 
Keyes, David  (United States)Contributed Talk
Kim, Hyea Hyun  (USA)Plenary Lecture, Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Mortar Discretizations* (pdf, 615 KB)
Klawonn, Axel  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Korneev, Vadim  (Russia)Contributed Talk, Domain decomposition algorithm for discretizations of 3-d elliptic equations by spectral elements (pdf, 331 KB)
Kornhuber, Ralf  (Germany) 
Kraus, Johannes  (Austria)Minisymposium Talk
Krause, Rolf  (Germany)Plenary Lecture
Kruis, Jaroslav  (Czech Republic)Contributed Talk
Krzyzanowski, Piotr  (Poland)Contributed Talk
Küttler, Ulrich  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Kuznetsov, Yuri  (USA)Plenary Lecture
Laayouni, Lahcen  (Canada) Minisymposium Talk, Optimal and optimized domain decomposition methods for three-dimensional partial differential equations (pdf, 2.6 MB)
Lahmer, Tom  (Germany)Contributed Talk, Homogenization Techniques in Sensor/Actuator Applications (pdf, 1.9 MB)
Lai, Choi-Hong  (United Kingdom)Minisymposium Talk
Langer, Ulrich  (Austria) 
Lazarov, Raytcho  (USA)Plenary Lecture
Le Borne, Sabine  (USA)Contributed Talk
Lee, Chang-OCk  (South Korea) 
Lee, Young-Ju  (USA)Plenary Lecture
Leugering, Günter  (Germany)Plenary Lecture
Lindner, Ewald  (Austria) 
Litvinenko, Alexander  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk, H-matrix based preconditioner for the skin problem (pdf, 261 KB)
Maday, Yvon  (France) Contributed Talk
Magoules, Frederic  (France)Minisymposium Talk
Mandel, Jan  (USA)Minisymposium Talk, Multilevel BDDC (pdf, 208 KB)
Marcinkowski, Leszek  (Poland)Contributed Talk
Margenov, Svetozar  (Bulgaria)Minisymposium Talk
Mehl, Miriam  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Melenk, Markus  (Austria)Contributed Talk
Munteanu, Marilena  (Italy)Poster Presentation
Nagaiah, Chamakuri  (Germany) Contributed Talk, Parallel Numerical Solution of Intracellular Calcium Dynamics (pdf, 6.2 MB)
Neuss, Nicolas  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Notay, Yvan  (Belgium)Minisymposium Talk
Of, Günther  (Austria) Minisymposium Talk, An all-floating formulation of the BETI method (pdf, 547 KB)
Omeragic, Dzevat  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Park, Eun-Hee  (South Korea)  
Pavarino, Luca  (Italy)Minisymposium Talk
Pechstein, Clemens  (Austria)Minisymposium Talk, Coupled FETI/BETI solvers for nonlinear potential problems in unbounded regions (pdf, 976 KB)
Periaux, Jacques  (Spain)Plenary Lecture
Perrussel, Ronan  (France)Minisymposium Talk
Picard, Christophe  (USA)Contributed Talk
Pillwein, Veronika  (Austria)Contributed Talk
Proskurowski, Wlodek  (USA) 
Pusch, David  (Austria) 
Qaddouri, Abdessamad  (Canada) Minisymposium Talk
Quarteroni, Alfio  (Italy) 
Rabanovych, Viacheslav  (Ukraine) Contributed Talk
Rapin, Gerd  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Rheinbach, Oliver  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Roux, François-Xavier  (France)Minisymposium Talk
Rybak, Iryna  (Belarus)Minisymposium Talk, On a Two-level Domain Decomposition Preconditioner for 3D Flows in Anisotropic Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media (pdf, 162 KB)
Sadowska, Marie  (Czech Republic)  
Salomon, Julien  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Sander, Oliver  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Santugini, Kévin  (Switzerland)Minisymposium Talk
Sarkis, Marcus  (Brazil)Contributed Talk
Sassi, Taoufik  (France)Contributed Talk
Scacchi, Simone  (Italy)Contributed Talk, Multilevel Additive Schwarz and Multigrid preconditioners for the Bidomain system (pdf, 780 KB)
Schädle, Achim  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Schaerer Serra, Christian E.  (Brazil)Minisymposium Talk
Scheichl, Robert  (United Kingdom)Minisymposium Talk, Robust aggregation-based coarsening for multiscale PDEs (pdf, 1.9 MB)
Scherer, Karl  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk
Schöberl, Joachim  (Germany)Minisymposium Talk, Robust Preconditioning in Elasticity (pdf, 1.3 MB)
Shahbazi, Khosro  (Canada)Contributed Talk, A High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations (pdf, 475 KB)
Simon, Rene  (Austria) 
Sousedik, Bedrich  (Czech Republic) 
Stals, Linda  (Australia)Contributed Talk, Discrete Thin Plate Splines for Large Data Sets (pdf, 1.4 MB)
St-Cyr, Amik  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Steinbach, Olaf  (Austria)Plenary Lecture, Boundary Element Domain Decomposition Methods: Challenges and Applications (pdf, 1.8 MB)
Stephan, Ernst  (Germany)Contributed Talk
Suzuki, Atsushi  (Japan)Contributed Talk
Szeftel, Jeremie  (USA)Minisymposium Talk, Optimized and Quasi-Optimal Schwarz Waveform Relaxation for the One Dimensional Schr\"odinger equation. (pdf, 150 KB)
Szyld, Daniel  (USA)Contributed Talk, Optimal Left and Right Additive Schwarz Preconditioning of Minimal Residual Methods with Euclidean and Energy Norms (pdf, 160 KB)
Toivanen, Jari  (USA) Contributed Talk
Tomar, Satyendra  (Austria)Minisymposium Talk
Tromeur-Dervout, Damien  (France) 
Turinici, Gabriel  (France)Contributed Talk
Vainikko, Eero  (Estonia)  
Valdman, Jan  (Austria) 
Van lent, Jan  (United Kingdom) 
Vassilevski, Panayot  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Vey, Simon  (Germany)Contributed Talk, AMDiS - adaptive multidimensional simulations: parallel concepts (pdf, 2.9 MB)
Vondrak, Vit  (Czech Republic)Minisymposium Talk
Poster Presentation
Wendland, Wolfgang L.  (Germany) Contributed Talk
Wheeler, Mary  (USA)Plenary Lecture
Widlund, Olof  (USA)Minisymposium Talk, Extending the theory for iterative substructuring algorithms to less regular subdomains. (pdf, 316 KB)
Xavier, Juvigny  (France) Minisymposium Talk
Xuejun, Xu  (China)Contributed Talk
Yu, Dehao  (P. R. China) Minisymposium Talk
Zheng, Weiying  (P. R. China) Minisymposium Talk
Zhong-Ci, Shi  (China) 
Zikatanov, Ludmil  (USA)Minisymposium Talk
Zulehner, Walter  (Austria)Contributed Talk
Zunino, Paolo  (Italy)Minisymposium Talk

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