DD17 Strobl
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Contributed Talks

Sessions Tuesday

Abstract ASM
Chair: Steinbach, Room: Buerglsaal
Parallel concepts
Chair: Andjelic, Room: S1
Chair: Ainsworth, Room: B1
Chair: Lazarov, Room: B2
DD for applications
Chair: Wheeler, Room: S2

Sessions Wednesday

DD for CFD
Chair: Lee, Room: Buerglsaal
Chair: Adams, Room: S1
Optimal contr.+Inverse
Chair: Heinkenschloss, Room: B1
Aitken-Schwarz DDM
Chair: Gander, Room: B2
Chair: Kim, Room: S2

Sessions Thursday

DD for BEM
Chair: Kuznetsov, Room: Buerglsaal
Software presentation
Chair: Schöberl, Room: S1
DD for mechanics
Chair: Leugering, Room: S2

Sessions Friday

Time Dependent problems+boundaries
Chair: Halpern, Room: S1
Abstract ASM
Chair: Krause, Room: Buerglsaal
DD for CFD
Chair: Periaux, Room: B2
Chair: Glowinski, Room: S2

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