Invited Speakers

  • Petter Bjørstad (Bergen, Norway):
    Multiscale Coarse Spaces and Domain Decomposition Methods for Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients
  • Max Dryja (Warsaw, Poland):
    FETI-DP Preconditioners for Full DG Discretization of Elliptic Problems
  • Etienne Emmrich (Berlin, Germany):
    The peridynamic model in nonlocal elasticity theory
  • Neville Ford (Chester, UK):
    Approximate methods for fractional differential equations: exploiting the opportunities and avoiding the traps
  • Alexander Ostermann (Innsbruck, Austria):
    Merits and pitfalls of splitting methods
  • Daya Reddy (Cape Town, South Africa):
    Stable three-field mixed approximations in nonlinear elasticity
  • Sergey Repin (St. Petersburg, Russia):
    Guaranteed and fully computable bounds of approximation and modeling errors for problems with divergence free condition
  • Robert Scheichl (Bath, UK):
    Tractable quadrature in infinite dimensions and applications in uncertainty quantification
  • Olaf Steinbach (Graz, Austria):
    Space-time finite and boundary element methods for parabolic initial boundary value problems
  • Rob Stevenson (Amsterdam, The Netherlands):
    Instance optimality of the adaptive maximum strategy
  • Martin Stynes (Cork, Ireland):
    Some open problems in the numerical analysis of singularly perturbed differential equations
  • Eugene Tyrtyshnikov (Moscow, Russia):
    Low-Rank Matrices and Tensors and New Optimization Algorithms
  • Panayot Vassilevski (Livermore, US):
    Element based algebraic coarse spaces with application to numerical upscaling and multilevel Monte Carlo simulations