Conference on Applied Inverse Problems, July 20-24, 2009, Vienna, Austria
Poster Presentation
Marco Prato: Reconstruction of solar flare images using interpolated visibilities

Thu, 23 July, 2009, 17:15-18:15, Foyer

One possibility to create images of high energy X-rays (or other radiations that cast shadows) is the use of a set of Rotational Modulation Collimators (or RMCs). The combined effect of the collimators' grids and the hardware rotation is a set of spatial Fourier components, called visibilities, sampled on spatial frequencies distributed over a set of concentric circles. I will introduce a fast and reliable method for X-ray imaging by applying an inverse FFT code to interpolated visibilities. I will also show that super-resolution effects can be obtained by utilizing a projected iterative algorithm.

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