Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators Session


University of Vlora, Vlora, Albania, 24-27 June, 2010


Markus Rosenkranz (University of Kent, SMSAS, Canterbury, UK)
Georg Regensburger (Austrian Academy of Sciences, RICAM, Linz, Austria)


The algebraic/symbolic treatment of differential equations is a flourishing field, branching out in a variety of subfields committed to different approaches. In this session, we want to give special emphasis to the operator perspective of both the underlying differential operators and various associated integral operators (e.g. as Green's operators for initial/boundary value problems).

In particular, we invite contributions in line with the following topics:

If you are interested in joining the session, please contact us.

Please see also our two previous ACA sessions AADIOS09 and AADIOS08.

An MCS Special Issue on these sessions is currently being compiled (submission was closed on 8 January 2010.)


Moulay Barkatou: On the Problem of Removing Apparent Singularities of Linear Differential Equations with Polynomial Coefficients

Thomas Cluzeau: Preconditionning Techniques for Systems of Partial Differential Equations Using Algebraic Tools

Slides. For download here.

Anja Korporal: Integro-differential Operators via Normal Forms in MAPLE

Slides. For download here.

Johannes Middeke: FGLM for Hermite and Popov Normal Forms of Ore Polynomial Matrices

Slides. For download here.

L.X. Chau Ngo: Invariant Algebraic Curves of Rational Vector Fields and their Explicit Rational Solutions

Slides. For download here.

Daniel Robertz: Linear Differential Elimination for Analytic Functions

Slides. For download here.

Markus Rosenkranz: Partial Integro-Differential Operators

Slides. For download here.

Kate Shemyakova: Multiple Factorizations of Linear Partial Differential Operators of Arbitrary Order and of Arbitrary Number of Variables

Margarita Spiridonova: Operational Methods in the Environment of a Computer Algebra System

Slides. For download here.

Loredana Tec: A Formal Proof of Confluence for an Infinitely Generated Noncommutative Polynomial Ideal Parametrized over Integro-Differential Algebras

Slides. For download here.