1. SYSTEM -- computer algebra system, having the ability to compute Groebner bases.
    A SYSTEM is described via
    • its name,
    • its authors or its vendor,
    • a link to the web site, where either online or downloadable documentation is supposed to be found,
    • ORMS (Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software) entry (if present),
    • status of the development and
    • a license.
    Implementations of Groebner bases in a SYSTEM are described by means of system's PACKAGES.

  2. PACKAGE -- either a part of the kernel or a library in SYSTEM's language or an external code, providing an implementation of Groebner bases to a SYSTEM.
    We treat Commutative and Non-Commutative packages separately. Each package bears its name, and we address packages in the SYSTEM:PACKAGE format.

    A SYSTEM can have many packages, they must be named differently.

    At most one package may have the same name as the SYSTEM, and this is reserved for the original kernel implementation, whether it exists or not. For example, MATHEMATICA:MATHEMATICA.

  3. A new SYSTEM can be introduced only by the maintainers, whereas a new PACKAGE for the existing system can be added and/or modified by a user (preferrably a developer). The latter requires a password, which can be send by maintainers of the database on request.

  4. Maintainers are not responsible for the correctness of the information in the database. Instead, the responsible group of persons are those, who input the data into the database. We keep track on such changes.

  5. The authors (vendors) of systems and packages will be asked to confirm the information, as soon as it is complete. This will be correspondingly indicated in the database.

  6. Please also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions