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Q1. The system I want to describe is not in the list of systems. How can I add it?

A1. Please send us the description of a system and we will add it. Manual addition of systems is not available for users.

Q2. How can I add a package to the existing system?

A2. Please send us a request about this package with some short description. We will email you the password and you can add and modify package information on your own.

Q3. Which steps do I need to follow in order to enter my package into the database?

A3. Here's a description of the process, how a package enters the database:
  1. If a package of a system is present in the database, but it is empty, by default, Package_Status := red (means "incomplete or rudimentary information")
  2. Developer or an associated person writes an email (or replies to an invitation) to Viktor Levandovskyy and gets the password sent via email.
  3. Developer enters the data to the system's package and presses the "Send" button. In a short time, a confirmation will be sent to the given developer's email. Package_Status := yellow (that means "not yet approved by the authors")
    1. Developer reviews the data in the database
    2. He/She informs us on possible inconsistencies/bugs/presentation problems
    3. Developer writes a final confirmation email with the following text:

      " Confirmation Letter

      Hereby I assure, that the information entered into database

      "Groebner Bases Implementations: Functionality Check and Comparison"

      is complete and describes the true abilities of the package PACKAGE of the computer algebra system SYSTEM.

      Dr. Isaac Newton, Trinity College, Great Britain "

    4. The confimation has to be sent to Viktor Levandovskyy via email
    5. After receiving the confirmation, Package_Status := green (that is, "officially approved by the authors").

Q4. How can I contact the developers of the database?

A4. Please send an email to Viktor Levandovskyy[] and to Camelia Rosenkranz [].

Q5. How should I cite your project in my article?

A5. Please use the following: