32nd OAGM/AAPR workshop, May 26-27 2008
Bildungszentrum St. Magdalena, Linz

32nd annual workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition

Challenges in the Biosciences:
Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition Aspects

The 32nd annual workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (OAGM/AAPR) provides a platform bringing together researchers of the fields of image analysis, image processing, and pattern recognition for discussing relevant and important topics of the computer vision discipline.
It is organized in workshop form presenting the latest work of Austrian (Central European) and international institutes in the domain of computer vision and pattern recognition.

As usual, contributions on all aspects of Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision are invited for submission. This year special attention will be paid to Challenges in the Biosciences. Time slots are reserved for contributions in this field, both invited presentations and submitted work. Therefore, people working in this field are especially encouraged to participate by submitting their work and (/or) attending the workshop.

Best Student Paper Award:

The best student paper award of 500 Euro, sponsored by the AAPR, is shared by
Alfredo Lopez, Karl Fritscher, Thomas Trieb, Rainer Schubert and Julian Mattes
Cardiac 4D Image Sequence Registration Using Bridging Points
Nicole M. Artner, Salvador Buenaventura Lopez Marmol, Csaba Beleznai and Walter Kropatsch
Kernel-based Tracking Using Spatial Structure


The program is on line. You can download the presentation of Prof. van Vliet and the presentation of Prof. Schuetz, as well as some pictures (some with challinging quality - sorry).

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